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Multi Country Consolidation

Multi County Consolidation Services

We specialise in consolidating multiple orders from multiple countries and consolidating them in one central country into containers. One order can be from India, another from Pakistan, one from Cambodia, all shipped to one central country whence consigned.

Organised within Government free zone areas, Q.C. checked, pre retail services can be applied and reloaded according to the agreed consol policy, which usually is by full container loads to each separate distribution centre or customer to anywhere in the world.

This enables LCL shipments to become FCL shipments, driving efficiencies for you the customer. Comprehensive inventory optimisation is imperative at each stage of the supply chain to improve flow, cut waste and increase performance.

The logistic systems deployed are flexible yet robust. Supported by our IT platform Vision SCM (supply chain management) system your orders are integrated and visible every step of the way within your critical path. Enabling you, to achieve service levels in accordance with your contractual timescales.